Random Hall's Laundry Server

This is brought to you by Ben Bitdiddle and the Laundry Kings. If something is not working correctly, please email us both at: @random-computer-chair and @random-laundry-empress.

This project, nicknamed get-your-laundry-please, is licensed under the MIT license and is open source. The code is available on github.

Read the instructions.

You will be notified.


Using the website:

You can use the website to check the status of the laundry machines at Random Hall. Free means that the machine is detected as off and available for you to use. Busy means the machine is currently being used by someone else. đź’” means the machine is currently broken and shouldn't be used.

You can also use the website to send you an email when a laundry machine becomes free. You can click on the machines to select them or select "Washers" or "Dryers" to select all washers or dryers respectively. You can then check "first" to get notified when the first machine of the ones selected becomes free. You can check "each" to get notified when each selected machine becomes free. Note you can also select free laundry machines, which will notify you the second time they bacome free.

Click on Ozok!

Using the washers:

  1. Clean out your pockets. Nothing but clothes go in these washers.
  2. Load your laundry and select the appropriate settings. When you turn the dial idealized settings appear.
  3. Use your own high efficiency detergent. They are appropriately labeled so just follow the instructions on the bottle. A medium load will fill half the viewing window. Pour the detergent into the “Main Wash” box. For the middle washer you pour directly with your clothes.
  4. Hit play and note the time approximation to move your laundry on time.
  5. Don’t set on the washers. Don’t try to fix the washers.
  6. When the machine is done remove the moist clothes. If you’re removing another resident’s load, place it inside one of the provided baskets.
  7. Occasionally you will come down during the laundry chairs’ weekly cleaning hour, where we clean out the machines to prevent any residue buildup. For optimal cleanliness. We need to leave the machines open to dry for a bit afterwards. Signs will be posted, just come back later.

Using the dryers:

  1. Clean the lint from the filter before and after you turn on the dryer.
  2. Hit play and note the time approximation to take your laundry on time.
  3. Don’t set on the dryers. Don’t try to fix the dryers.
  4. When the machine is done, take your laundry out, and clean the lint filter. Don’t take the laundry baskets to your room.